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It’s not just affiliate marketing —
it’s an effective way to make money online

The extremely beginner-friendly BitDegree affiliate program offers an unmissable opportunity to earn money quickly straight from the comfort of your home.


Earn a 30% commission for every paying student you refer. There are no limitations – get the same commission for a course of any price!


Earn 20 BDG tokens for every free active referral, either a student or an affiliate. Yes, we reward the affiliates even for referrals that don’t purchase any courses!

Changing The Future of Work
Top 10 European EdTechs Based on Web Traffic
Runa Capital Award
Blockchain for Social Good Finalist
EIC Horizon Prize
Education & Learning Global Champion
World Summit Awards 2020
Shortlisted for E-Learning Award
Wharton-QS Reimagine Education

It only takes four simple steps to make money online easily

No complexity or unnecessary struggles – opting for affiliate marketing with BitDegree has increased the affiliates' earnings by a whopping 76% on average!

1. Sign up for free

No complexity or unnecessary struggles – opting for affiliate marketing with BitDegree has increased the affiliates' earnings by a whopping 76% on average!

Sign up

2. Get your marketing material

BitDegree provides the affiliates with all the effective marketing material they need: you can access a vast variety of unique affiliate online course links, as well as highly converting banners, affiliate coupons and much more - everything to make money online easily and smoothly!

3. Share and promote

Place the highly converting affiliate marketing material on websites, blogs or other platforms, share it with friends or on social media channels with your followers. If you’re wondering how to make money online - simply be creative and don’t be afraid to experiment with the given tools!


4. Earn money

Earn 30% commission per every sale and 20 BDG tokens for every free active referral. Yes, BitDegree offers rewards for referrals that don’t buy anything, too! We simply want to give our affiliates a chance to make money online – easily and struggle-free.

Start Earning Now
Our affiliates sell courses easily and give BitDegree an average rating of
9.5 out of 10
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Join thousands of successful BitDegree affiliates who turned affiliate marketing into their passion and tripled their income.

Mark Tarion

Made $4,000 / 4 mo with BitDegree affiliate program

Affiliate marketing is a tricky subject, I’ll admit it. I know a lot of people who are sceptical towards it even though it’s just another way to make money online. I have been an affiliate with a lot of companies but when I found BitDegree… let’s just say I didn’t need to affiliate for other companies because of the profit that I started making. I think it says it all.

mark tarion

Fergus Mohammed

Made $6,000 / 5 mo with BitDegree affiliate program

I was looking for easy ways to earn money online and as no surprise - affiliate marketing was one of the most popular suggestions. I saw my friend affiliating with BitDegree and he seemed really satisfied so I had to give it a shot and guess what? 5 months in and I can fully support myself from the income I get from BitDegree - it’s an awesome and easy way to make money online.

fergus mohammed

Chantelle Field

Made $1,500 / 2 mo with BitDegree affiliate program

I’m a student so looking for ways to earn money online is a natural to me. I always loved writing and had a blog since I was fourteen so one day I just thought I should start monetizing the blog. I came across BitDegree because I was taking their online courses and had an affiliate account set up for me. I started to write about the courses on my blog and the earnings just started to flow.

chantelle field

Liliana Orr

Made $16,000 / 1 year with BitDegree affiliate program

To make money online - that was my goal. I didn’t want to work in an office and just wanted to use my online presence to earn easy money. I read that BitDegree was one of the best affiliate programs and I also liked the idea of spreading education for all. Being a BitDegree affiliate is not only profitable, but also simply fun because of all the incentives and fun features that they offer.

liliana orr

Hugh Barnes

Made $2,000 / 1 mo with BitDegree affiliate program

Affiliate marketing was like a dark forest to me before I’ve found this program on the BitDegree website. I really liked the colorful competition and the prizes - that Darth Vader toaster looked so cool! One month passed and I’ve already earned around $2,000, won a lot of great gifts and found the most successful strategies on how to earn money.

hugh barnes

Ayoub Brett

Made $8,500 / 7 mo with BitDegree affiliate program

I want to be honest. Affiliate marketing is not as easy as everyone makes it look. You have to find a good program and a strategy to actually make money online. And if you’re looking for best affiliate programs - BitDegree is one of them. My profit with BitDegree didn’t come very fast, but when it did - the earnings were higher than I’ve ever expected. They really have the best marketing material.

ayoub brett

Searching for Ways to Make Money Online? Look No Further.

89% of BitDegree affiliates have significantly increased their earnings in the first 3 months of using the program. Join one of the best affiliate programs around and find out how to earn money online!

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Track your success

and analyze your results effectively

Get access to the BitDegree affiliate platform which is full of practical tools and features - everything created for the most profitable and efficient affiliate marketing.

and analyze your results <span class="emph">effectively</span>

Dashboard tracking

Dashboard is made for instant and easy analysis of your results. You can have a quick look at your earnings, clicks, conversion rate, request for a withdrawal and instantly make decisions and strategies for more effective affiliate marketing.

Marketing material

You can filter out all the links to online courses by various dimensions and categories. You can also access highly converting banners and coupon codes which you’re able to customize yourself. All the tools are created to earn money online easily!

Track your earnings and conversions easily

Track your earnings and conversions easily

You can easily view the dynamics of your earnings and clicks, analyse it by tracking the source, timing, origin country, device of the metric and so much more. By analysing your metrics you will be able to make logical decisions, reach profitable results and make easy money.

Analyse your referrals effortlessly

The BitDegree affiliate platform lets you keep track of your referrals and their actions: which courses they buy, where they’re from, which links they use to sign up or purchase a course, and much more. If you understand your referrals, you will generate greater sales!

Analyse your referrals effortlessly

Access the Exclusive Affiliate Library and Find Out How to Earn Money Online

As a BitDegree affiliate, you will have access to an exclusive affiliate library which is full of expert-made handbooks on the most relevant affiliate subjects. The most influential affiliate marketing professionals created the handbooks based on their experiences, shared their secret techniques and easy ways to make money with affiliate marketing!


Join a Huge Base of 17,000+ Successful BitDegree Affiliates

Don’t miss out on the most rewarding way to make easy money online!

Watch a short Lighthouse course & get 2 FREE Avatar NFTs + win Spatial Metaverse Space!

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