The world of e-learning is changing daily so it's important to always keep track of all the online learning websites entering the market. That's exactly what we do - our expert reviewers analyze dozens of online learning websites, write in-depth reviews & share their own experiences with the world. Helping you gain new skills quickly from the comfort of your home is our main goal.

Online Learning Platforms

How do we review online learning websites?

We know what it's like to waste time on bad online course instructors that are not engaging at all, or to spend a hefty sum on a praised online course that actually taught you nothing. That's why we created this 5-step strict review process that helps evaluate & determine which online learning platform is the best. Take a look at how we do it:

  • We gather tons of verified user feedback & real-life opinions
  • We deeply analyze each online course platform brand
  • We usually test the online learning platform ourselves
  • We examine gathered data & score the MOOCs accordingly
  • We document & publish expert-made online learning platform reviews

Directory of All Learning Websites

Learning online is getting more & more relevant each day. But increasing popularity brings more bad-quality providers, false marketing claims & empty promises. Our aim is to uncover the truth behind every online learning website by analyzing, investigating & reviewing the best MOOCs. Take a look at this list of all online learning websites that we analyzed and find the best one for improving your skills.

35 Online Learning Website Reviews

If you want to choose an online learning platform with experienced, engaging instructors, good learning material & fair prices, you need to try out a lot of different online learning websites. That would take a lot of time & effort, that's why we have done everything for you. Here, you will find all the fact-based reviews of the most popular MOOC platforms & won't need to struggle with bad courses anymore.

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  • Lead Academy Review (Lead Academy Review: A UK-Based MOOC Provider)
  • Shaw Academy Reviews (Shaw Academy Reviews: A Multifaceted Online Learning Platform)
  • AlgoExpert Review (AlgoExpert Review: All-In-One Coding Interview Prep Platform)
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  • Nas Academy Review (Nas Academy Review: A Great Platform for Aspiring Content Creators?)
  • DataCamp Workspace Review (DataCamp Workspace Review: An Online IDE for Data Scientists)
  • Dataquest Reviews (Dataquest Reviews: A Deep-Dive Into the Data Science Platform)

34 Coupon Deal Pages of the Best Online Learning Websites

We share every verified online learning website coupon that we find with our readers, so that they would not only learn fast, but save big too. All the online learning platform coupons & deals are legit and working.

Best Online Learning Websites Deals

2 Online Learning Platform Holiday Deals

345 In-Depth MOOC Tutorials & How-to Guides

Looking for more first-hand information, expert opinions & real-life tips on learning websites? Take a look at the most in-depth online learning tutorials & take your skills to a higher level.

Reviewing Online Learning Platforms

Wondering what kind of aspects are the most important for deciding which online course platforms are the most trustworthy? Trouble yourself no more: all the main components that you must take into account if you want your verdict to be fact-based and precise are listed and explained below. Check out what our education experts have analyzed as they were preparing reliable e-learning platform reviews!

Best Online Learning Platforms Demographics

Content Quality

When you’re looking for the best online learning platform, nothing is as crucial as the quality of its actual content. That’s why we performed extensive research and came up with a list of criteria that helps us identify both excellent and poorly-made content. Quality should be the most important aspect for both online learning platforms and experts trying to write the best MOOC reviews. Well, it’s definitely essential for us!

Best Online Learning Platforms Price


Price is important to virtually every user worldwide – however, it can be a real issue in the world of online learning platforms. Nobody wants to pay thousands of dollars for a course that doesn’t provide any money-back guarantees or seems unreliable. That is why we take pricing very seriously as we work on writing our e-learning reviews: we want to help you see through the price tags.

Best Online Learning Platforms Ease Of Use

Ease of Use

It’s very important for online course platforms to have an attractive, intuitive, and user-friendly interface. A well-made UI works wonders for lowering the bounce rate of a website. Sadly, a lot of online learning platforms have very eye-catching homepages, but as you dive deeper into the site, you’re left disappointed. That is why we investigate this aspect very seriously in our genuine MOOC reviews.

Best Online Learning Platforms Safety & Verification

Learning Experience

The learning experience various online course platforms provide can be tricky to judge, as it is shaped by both the platform itself and the instructors who present particular courses to the students enrolled. Luckily, we have a dedicated team that can evaluate user experience professionally, and spends a lot of time doing just that.

Best Online Learning Platforms Niche

Unique Features

When it comes to keeping your attention focused on a specific online learning platform, courses are not enough. Additional features are an important aspect when you’re choosing one of the best online course platforms: they make you want to invest in the platform, both financially and emotionally.

Top Online Learning Platforms Success Stories


While the best online course platforms offer their students certificates that are acknowledged by employers for free, others require big payments. These differences are essential, as certifications can help you land your dream job, get promoted, or simply share your knowledge with the world.